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Live Your Best Life Yet, what are you waiting for Get Fit Now & Forever

Written by Daphne ‘Dwritewell’ Williams ©2009

Get Fit Now & Forever live your best life yet!!!

Do you need a Colon Cleanse?

I used the 7 day cleanse, and I lost 15 pounds in 7 days, and now I am working on my transitioning my body.

Do you desire to lose weight but are tired of diets?

If so then allow me to be your coach, and transition your life.

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Get paid to shop

Get paid to shop…
Get well by cleaning your Colon:

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Unstoppable Me

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This Children’s Book is so awesome!!!

In self re-evaluation mood, I asked myself a question the other day and my other self answered and said no excuses just get it done…and I said okay I’mma make it do what it do baby…so popping it off is essential…I have no choose but  to make it happen for myself despite it all.

In pain, I go! In pain, I am stronger! In pain, I write well! In pain, I am free! In pain, I write now! In pain! I pray, In pain, I cry! In pain, I laugh! In pain, I dream! In pain, I do! In pain, I reject it!  In pain, I  keep pressing hard toward every dream and promise I made to myself like i.e; I will be greater than yesterday, I will accomplish each and every goal no matter what comes…Ain’t no stopping me… Sometime, I sit still and simply remind myself who I am in God! If  a Harriet Tubman didn’t stop so why should, thus I go, I am, I do, I become as if I don’t have a choose because truly I don’t! Re-write Me…The Unstoppable Me…That’s Me DAPHNE, Yeah!!! LOL

Define “Popping it Off” New York Slang meaning-

Making it happen no matter what but you must know what it is. Getting what you want done, Period!-Daphne D. Williams @2008

I Like this quote I dislike this quoteIf you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

Lewis Carroll quotes

I will stay in my lane as I build paths that will allow me to build concrete foundations as a business woman to live the life I want so please read all the quotes, use them and not judge them…allow them to make you better than you were last week or even a minute ago…I love quotes so much I am alwys making them up and my mom laughs at me but secretly she know that they will make me loads of residuals soon…she is a great encourager to me …I think I love she. Daphne D. Williams @2009

Its not easy being me, like most Artiste (LOL) I AM WRITER if you haven’t figured that out by now that by the way Writes Well. Daily challenges often prevent me from living the kind of life I want to live…but this too shall pass…because like most Artist they make it happen no matter what they continue to strive towards greatness and be better than the best.

How can I be better than myself? Oh simply re-invent myself. Often people who know and love me ask what are you doing now with a condescending laugh or smile I say being me. Then they say what does that mean. So I laugh back and say living my life on purpose with no excuses. Don’t get mad because I unlike you are afraid to step out on a limb and believe in myself when you think I should have given up a long time ago.

In the meantime, I penning my books with well over 100 manuscripts completed, I am working on some other works that are coming along well.

But until next time, Write Well Now, Exit Blog, Write Now…Period, NO Excuses! I’m Outta Here…Oh yeah & Be like ME UNSTOPPABLE…SIMPLY DECREE A THING & IT IS SO…

This Copyrighted picture belongs to Cynthia Kersey’s website:

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Damn! Damn! Damn…Get a clue DUDE

Damn! Damn! Damn!…why do folk take you for granted…one friend’s response was because you let them. Why do we allow them to take us for granted and drain us. What gives them the right to do it? What are we missing that we need so called friends, and/or business associates like this?

Maybe all this ain’t that serious. I know next week this won’t matter but today it does so I will write about it now while its fresh.

Do we really think its intentional or are these folk truly needy individuals and don’t know any better?  A person being needy has nothing to do with my (your) needs. Most folks are so insensitive to others needs it horrible. Why? They just are; its all they know because it may be all they were taught.  But most human beings are disrespectful, selfish and ingrates; its who they are and its what they do what they do. Karma is a true BEAST. 

When folk use me on purpose it hurts. In the past, I would just vent to others. In this season, I want to live, and be better so it is best to communicate my thoughts to the folk who have wronged me and not assume they comprehend what I am feeling. So what I am saying is confront the person but do in love but get you point across and then let it go or else agony will grow. If the person doesn’t comprehend your point of review then maybe that season is dried up and its time to move on, renew, relax, re-evaluate, and finally get busy taking care of your business. 

Like most, I am an emotional being, although most won’t admit it but they are too, attempting to wear my heart elsewhere besides my sleeve, I’m struggling with opening myself up to folk who may eventually hurt me but I refuse to change who I am because you choose to be a taker, unless of course its for improvement, but I plan on being a good human-being while being very careful not to hurt others, thereby live a great prosperous life on purpose, and teach others on my mission. 

 Often I care too much, love too hard, and get hurt even harder but who really cares about me besides me, God, my mom, my circle which really is a triangle. I am on a mission to deal with folk who are business minded on their grind comprehending that if we all collaborat with integrity we can all BUBBLE/CAKE UP together. 

Have you ever have ponder that before. But some folk are plain old selfish. Maya Angelou says “When people show you who they are believe them”,  and I add to that by saying and don’t try to change them or make excuses for them let them be who they are. 

These folk are going to lie. They are going to pretend. They are going to do them and don’t care who they hurt along the way. They are going to try to get you to counsel them for free by listening to all their bull and you listen and your day is drained. If I am that person please forgive me, I don’t pla to use you as a therapist again. Back to this needy folk…They are going to try to get you to write, give them all your hard research material for free. Is it fair no? Do they care? NO! They actual sit aroud and see how they can use you and they call it a friendship.

DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! Would you please STOP!!! A business associate told me evaluate the company you keep. Yes, best advice I got today. Last weeks advice came from my Branding Specialist( and holdmandynamics), which she said put you first and everybody elses stuff last or else you will be in the same place you were last year, last week, and/or five years ago. So now she has demanded that from me, and it is in my contract therefore I have to leave everybody alone and handle my business.

Notwithstanding, I operate my publishing and film company like a professional, and if our relationship has been good thus far then this ain’t for or about you. Unless its about business, publishing, film, all paying gigs, and business relationships that get me closer to my destiny.

I refuse to put up with nonsense. I have a short fuse for ignorance, so don’t bring it. Again, I don’t work for free, I just won’t so DON’T ASK!!!

Enough Said, Exit, Write Well, Write Now, NO MORE EXCUSES, Period!!!

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My Perspective On It All…I Do Not Write For Free!!!

Whats really good? Who is working for free these days? NOT ME, SO DON’T ASK!!! I don’t work for free…repeat…I don’t write, research, edit, or work for free don’t ask…but I do Write Well so ask for a quote and we can do business like business professional. Please don’t come to me with an idea  because we all have at least one great idea, but instead come with a business plan-complete- or at least an abstract , please give me something to work with. This is my story and I am sticking with it! Exit, Write Now, PERIOD! 🙂

According to Wikipedia an Abstract?

An abstract is a brief summary of a research article, thesis, review, conference proceeding or any in-depth analysis of a particular subject or discipline, and is often used to help the reader quickly ascertain the paper’s purpose. When used, an abstract always appears at the beginning of a manuscript, acting as the point-of-entry for any given scientific paper or patent application. Abstraction and indexing services are available for a number of academic disciplines, aimed at compiling a body of literature for that particular subject.



WOW folks are really doing well by blogging, so here we go…~Daphne Dwritewell Williams

Blog this?  You say why blog, and my Marketing Strategist said who are you if your aren’t blogging? I am interested in helping you while I help myself, so lets blog together.  Some may ask what is a blog? In the year 2009 some of us may not know what a blog is, and I told you yesterday CHANGE is here. It is time to learn. Check out some famous blogs, and by the time you revisit this one I will be onto bigger, and better commentary…blogging for the good of everything worth writing.

 A blog (a contraction of the term web log) is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions

Okay so now we all know what a blog is… lets get to blogging…folks are making a living blogging, becoming “instant” celebrities, and are supporting their families by either going to an Internet Cafe, a friends house with Wifi, and are typing their thoughts, thus getting feedback, and cashing checks.

Even God is blogging, and you ask how do I know, he is with me everywhere I go since I am his favorite 😉 therefore I know he is here blogging right along with me. Gods here in his own space, and time in a season like this just for me. Blogging is a way to express yourself in an open space where you are free to write, rant, rave, and be you.

Well why I am here? Fame? Well that depends on the price I would have to pay, and what would I have to give up to maintain it all? But I am so glad you asked. I am here to write because I Write Well…Exit, Write Now, Blog Today, Write Well, PERIOD!!! 🙂

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New You, New Me, New Year, What will we do with the change?



Whats going on? CHANGE!!! Don’t be afraid of the change that is in the air. Change is here and it has always been here; its simply a different more welcomed changed. Congrats to my First African President, Barack  H. Obama, First Lady Michelle and the royal first children, Malia & lil Sasha, I am praying for our first family as the move on this new journey within their lives…Gods Speed to USA & Our New First Family & Congrats…may Gods wisdom lead each person on the Barck Obama Team. Change has come, and Yes We Did! I changed my mind yesterday and opted not to purchase that super size snicker bar…instead I had a minature. I decided that I will get in shape and not talk about it in this season; so lets just say I will change my dress size and be more fab than last year.

Oh yeah, I even changed my lip gloss and I get so many compliments; its a simple glitter free-me and glitter don’t get along-, however shimmer works for me; its made by Nicka K. Cosemtics and meets my budget $1.00, gloss that changes my look and brings my face out especially when my eyebrows are arched of course in Harlem is the baddest Eyebrow’nesta in NYC, she makes you feel and look glam adding an extra glam to each client as they leave her chair…I had my first birthday make over last March. Change is one of the only things we can  rely on.  How will you treat change when it shows up at your doorstep tomorrow.

Let me ask you a question, do you plan to welcome change with open arms despite the color of its garments or push it away and then miss yet another lesson in this season of your magnificient life or change the how you will handle the change. Surley, we know the wind is going to blow tomorrow, the waves will flow you must be the captain of your ship and if at times you need a time out its okay to wave the white flag and ask for help. Again, change is here be clear on how you will unwrap the gifts of the presents change delivers to you. New beginnings are here reshape your life like I am doing by closing old chapters, thus staying in my lane and listening to my innerself and doing the best I can with what I have within me. Maybe you will pen that book or finalize your business plan, start an online magazine like my marketing guru, obtain your first, second, third or fourth college degree. I decree I shall change my life, thus I’ve begun blogging…and now I’m going to make it do what it do baby…Exit , Writing Well, Write Now, PERIOD!!! 🙂

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