Unstoppable Me

06 Feb

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This Children’s Book is so awesome!!!

In self re-evaluation mood, I asked myself a question the other day and my other self answered and said no excuses just get it done…and I said okay I’mma make it do what it do baby…so popping it off is essential…I have no choose but  to make it happen for myself despite it all.

In pain, I go! In pain, I am stronger! In pain, I write well! In pain, I am free! In pain, I write now! In pain! I pray, In pain, I cry! In pain, I laugh! In pain, I dream! In pain, I do! In pain, I reject it!  In pain, I  keep pressing hard toward every dream and promise I made to myself like i.e; I will be greater than yesterday, I will accomplish each and every goal no matter what comes…Ain’t no stopping me… Sometime, I sit still and simply remind myself who I am in God! If  a Harriet Tubman didn’t stop so why should, thus I go, I am, I do, I become as if I don’t have a choose because truly I don’t! Re-write Me…The Unstoppable Me…That’s Me DAPHNE, Yeah!!! LOL

Define “Popping it Off” New York Slang meaning-

Making it happen no matter what but you must know what it is. Getting what you want done, Period!-Daphne D. Williams @2008

I Like this quote I dislike this quoteIf you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

Lewis Carroll quotes

I will stay in my lane as I build paths that will allow me to build concrete foundations as a business woman to live the life I want so please read all the quotes, use them and not judge them…allow them to make you better than you were last week or even a minute ago…I love quotes so much I am alwys making them up and my mom laughs at me but secretly she know that they will make me loads of residuals soon…she is a great encourager to me …I think I love she. Daphne D. Williams @2009

Its not easy being me, like most Artiste (LOL) I AM WRITER if you haven’t figured that out by now that by the way Writes Well. Daily challenges often prevent me from living the kind of life I want to live…but this too shall pass…because like most Artist they make it happen no matter what they continue to strive towards greatness and be better than the best.

How can I be better than myself? Oh simply re-invent myself. Often people who know and love me ask what are you doing now with a condescending laugh or smile I say being me. Then they say what does that mean. So I laugh back and say living my life on purpose with no excuses. Don’t get mad because I unlike you are afraid to step out on a limb and believe in myself when you think I should have given up a long time ago.

In the meantime, I penning my books with well over 100 manuscripts completed, I am working on some other works that are coming along well.

But until next time, Write Well Now, Exit Blog, Write Now…Period, NO Excuses! I’m Outta Here…Oh yeah & Be like ME UNSTOPPABLE…SIMPLY DECREE A THING & IT IS SO…

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