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New Year, New Me, New Business Venture, 2011 … blah, blah, blah …

Unlike most of my family, friends, & associates, I haven’t made any New Years Resolution. I refuse to keep making plans to be disappointed when they don’t work out.

As always I want to get fit & in better shape thereby losing weight, which is perhaps one of the top New Years Resolutions folk make and after about a week or two that resolution has become an issue because of their lack of commitment to self.

Why is it that we can find it easier to commitment to others and not our own issues.

Well I have vowed to shut up and put up! I am simply going to take care of my business, which includes my health, finances, businesses, relationships, and then some.

It is essential in times like these (folk everywhere claiming a recession, well I am not practicing it like some) to make a strong commitment to God, your faith in the unknown, and in your ability to be the greatest you possible by any means necessary doing all things legal of course.

I am no longer holding a grudge against myself nor do I plan to allow folk to hurt me, depress or stress me with all their stuff. I am learning to mind my business and take care of my business.

If its weight lost you desire, or better health check out my web portal for key:

Simply going to live my life because it is golden:

Need some energy, so you can do more with your time to hit you target and fulfill your goals:

Starting a business, need a web presence. If you need a website, here is an excellent site to get what you want done:

Get paid to shop:

By all the links, I guess by now you will see what goals are not to make resolutions and build my businesses, so I can become who I already am.

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