Loving Yourself First Everyday Through Motivating Yourself Beautiful

02 Mar

Loving Yourself First

Loving Yourself First Everyday™

All the Loving Yourself First Everyday™ (Owned & Founded by Tajuana Hysaw)Followers, & Readers, I wish to encourage you all and thank you for connecting with Motivated Beauty Virtual Teen Magazine too via Facebook.

May you find your worth, cherish it, by being Motivated Beautiful to get Empowered, Stay Inspired and Become who you already are™ (Founded by Daphne D. Williams) from 2011, and beyond.

It comes a time in our lives where we must begin to respect ourselves-our gifts, ideas, purpose, passions, and present to get the promise. Be careful the way we treat, and value others as well as ourselves.

Recently, I was chatting with a good friend, and I told her I have been in a state of BLAH; truly not knowing why & not knowing what the BLAH means or even why I am there, but I am determined to be lifted out (if I have to MOTIVATE myself out) of anything that deems to destroy, set me back or tempt me to go to familiar place where nothingness occurs; but lack, depression, and waste.

Motivated Beauty~Virtual Teen Magazine

Motivated Beauty Academy

If you have found yourself in a state of BLAH, pull yourself up, run for the hills while you seem to still be in your valleys embrace them, and use them as you’re launching pads.

Remember that although the valleys are long, and deep, the mountain is in eyesight even if you must squint to see them, your persistence, and commitment to excellent will pay off soon enough (prayerfully sooner than later), therefore getting out by any means necessary is critical to your survival and mission!

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You must know that you are brilliant, you have so much to offer the world, and yourself, so begin the process be Motivating yourself while offering your gifts to yourself first despite how you feel-this feeling will not matter next year, so again, I urge you to do like me hence PULL YOURSELF OUT OF IT, NOW, like me you probably have no choice but to do just that!


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2 responses to “Loving Yourself First Everyday Through Motivating Yourself Beautiful

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