Weight Loss

Weightloss pyramid.

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Writing is great!

But writing about my weight loss is even better!

Finally after many programs, and diets throughout my life, I finally found a way to eat, live, and rehape my life naturally. How would you like to join me in transitioning your life by Getting Fit Now & Forever? With consistency and educating yourself like I am constantly doing, we can get fit naaturally and lose weight while toning and keeping the weight off.

I lost 15 pounds on an all natural cleanse in 7 days; it was easy to follow and it wasn’t painful. And yes it was side affects…weight lost that I truly admire in my mirror. Immediately, following my cleanse, I began a regimen that has been working wonders for me. I started the lifestyle change in late April and faithfully in May, 2009 offically without cheating myself by eating candy bars…had I not had that chocolate bar during the 7 day cleanse I guess I would have lost 20 pounds. LOL

I lost so many inches its hard to recognize my new self therefore I am constantly sending my family and close friends pictures of my success…they had no problem looking at the fat out of shape me, so I send them the new reshaped me; losing weight daily, and losing loads of inches.

It is amazing, truly words can not express what I feel inside especially as my wardrobe changes, and more of my beauty shines from the inside out naturally!

I am loving the new Daphne!

I am interested in helping others lose weight both children, men, and women. I’m only interested in serious, committed, and determined individuals that are tired of being the fattest person in the room and are willing to do their very last weight loss system ever…although I don’t suggest you cheat although with cheating you still lose weight but with all the great places to shop, regain your health, and all the heads you will begin turning-of quality- losing weight is better than cheating because being fat and/or obese is cheating oneself of enjoying ones best life ever.

Most folk don’t realize that they are obese; 30 pounds overweight is consider obese for all of you men and women with the muffin tops (belly fat)-, which is so unhealthy…Am I an expert, of course not! But like food, I love endulging in knowledge, and soon I will be a Certified Wellness Coach because currently I have a team of clients who want to reshape their lives thus lose weight and finally keep it off.

I am willing to train, teach and guide-as a Wellness Coach how to follow the simply plan with weekly inspiration-you will never be left alone on this new lifestyle change that you will never regret. I am not holding back anything, I am telling how to do what I did- the good and the bad- so all my clients, friends, family memebers can get the best results on their last weight loss transformation.

Again, I am not an expert,  but I am using what the experts say, and its working very well for me.

I will be posting my before and after photos of all my weight lost so you can see how awesome I look especially in comparison with how I use to look. I have lost more inches than I have lost pounds. I am losing fat not muscle which makes my weight lost seem even greater than what I have lost. As of today, I have lost 65 pounds in 4 short months, and about 40 inches throughout my entire body. I have gone from a womans size 44/46 to a size 18/20 & 22 in some clothing.

My goal is to be a healthy & fit size beautiful!

I no longer hate scales anymore! I love them now because they read what I want to see. I am replacing fat with muscles, thus toning my flab into hard yet lady-like sexy muscles. I have been overweight, fat, obese-whatever term you want to use- for way too long, and finally I have found the answer so if you have struggled with your weight far too long email me, leave a comment so we can conquer the fat together and be our fab selves without pain and excuses.

I am ready to live a fit, fab, & glam life, so I have decided to change my eating habits, and live my life on purposes. Diligently, I working on being my beautiful self; toned and physically fit, while taking control of my life and denouncing fat, and obesity while reshaping a generation by Getting Fit Now & Forever, which is the name of my wellness business.

Write, live, love and be well…exit fat no more…enough said! Diets Don’t work, however lifestyle changes does work for me and my team of dedicated clients! Ask me how to Get Fit Now & Forever or simply visit my webportal, and check out our NutriCleanse and our dynamic weight loss products at

Share your story with me as you journey to unveil the real you…fit and fab forever!!!

Let’s ERADICATE Obesity and Type II DIABETES in Chilidren NOW!!!


7 responses to “Weight Loss

  1. Gloria

    March 26, 2010 at 10:22 PM

    Hi I have enjoyed reading about you. I wish you much success in your weight loss & book writing. 🙂 Have a great weekend

    • Dwritewell

      March 27, 2010 at 12:06 AM

      Thanks for visiting, and taking the time to comment. I’m looking forward to continuing my weight loss journey as well as publishing my books. May you enjoy weekend, I will enjoy mine since it is my birthday weekend :). Thank you for the compliments, and good wishes, may you have great success as well in all your endeavors.

    • Dwritewell

      June 13, 2010 at 12:31 AM

      Thx for the support and the well wishes with my weight loss and book writing, the process is underway, again, I thank you.

    • Dwritewell

      December 12, 2010 at 9:04 AM

      Thank you so much for this wonderful comment. I wish you much success too in all your endeavors. I am still losing weight and finally completing my first E-Book for Christmas. I thought I had responded to this compliment/comment, but my apologies, I am still learning how to jugging my writing and finding time for family. You can find my other blog and its RSS Feeds at:, looking forward to chatting with you there too. I am so glad you enjoyed reading about my dreams, struggles and desires for my publishing dreams.

  2. Shay

    April 11, 2010 at 3:41 AM

    I have a lot of family members that are obese, and I try to tell them that they need to watch what they put in there mouths, but they continue to eat all that crap. I also struggle with my weight, I go up, and down like a yo-yo. I want to be stable with mines. I want to be a walking build board (smile). I love the word natural, and I would love to take this journey with u, and to bring my family, and friends into a better way of life.

    • Dwritewell

      December 15, 2010 at 12:11 PM

      Yes when we obtain knowledge we want all our loved ones to be involved, but this journey sometime is a lonely one and I welcome you on the journey with me and all the people who will come will be strangers and then our loved ones will see we were serious and we are the real deal, perhaps they will need to see us on TV or Fortune 500 list making it happen before they come on board with our missions, goals, and aspirations, and unfortunately many will never come… I so adore the quote by Harriet Tubman, “I would have freed more Slaves if ONLY they had known they were slaves.”

      Often we (as humans) are slaves to our ignorance, guilt, shame, lack of get up and go, overeating, doubts, past, present, thus never looking pass there disappointments, hence never growing, so sweetie i learned a long time ago everybody will not and can not go where God has destined for us to go, because we want the best from life, we live with the greatest expectations for good outcomes and seeing the good in bad situations because we know whose we are and who we are and Shay it takes many a lifetime to figure out how to manage ones life simply to remain sane oppose to dreaming bigger dreams than your current improvised neighbor. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS CAN ANYTHING GOOD COME OUT OF BROOKLYN, YUP, YUP, we did and God ain’t (yes ain’t) through with us yet, so we continue to push (Pray. Until. Something. Happens whiles reading the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth B.I.B.L.E, and walk through the storms of life because we know for sure there is always a blessing on the other side of through. Wooooo this repsonse could have been a darn post lol … chat later and in advance, I thank you and all reading for all your support and comments, I read them all and respond because I appreciate all people that would spend their precious time here.

  3. Stefani Charity

    February 18, 2011 at 2:23 AM

    Great almanac you’ve procure


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