Cleaning House and dumping the trash

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Changing my people group and taking a long look inside of me. examples of frienemies Its most vital to fix the inside before working on the outside. If the soul, mind and emotional is polluted it pollutes and damages the outside. We are what we eat. Food comes in many forms; its natural and spiritual.

You can’t bring everybody home for dinner especially if they never knew what a home or family was or is. Breaking bread with folk is sacred and can be detrimental to the families growth especially if its a competitively jealous person with an oprhaned mentality. Although you love folk, you can’t feel sorry for them if they simply want to live in past hurts and disappoints because you only harm yourself.

According to Dwritewell: Jealousy is bottle up hate and can be very harmful when ingested.

The living can not survive in a dead situation or with spiritually dead individuals. Don’t break bread with dead folk they take all the soul out life, robbing you of your seasons leaving a bitter taste in your mouth and time that can never be replaced. Once robbed you will be broken, empty, drained, angry, and depleted while they appear to be thriving.

I no longer want to be anybody’s life raft in the shipwrecked life of disappoints, hurts, and mishaps mostly by their own doing because when I need a rope they throw in a string with the reminder of what they have done for you because they are mean spirited because of the lack of guidance during their informative years.

Big Momma always said be careful the company you keep. Most recently a person told me that they keep their enemies close…well, I am keeping my frienemies away totally because QueenMommaNell said they don’t mean me any good, an Mother knows best.

Toxic people are venomous, and seek to sift us all like wheat-so stay alert without being paranoid-but not until they swallow all your goodness, happiness and zeal for life while trying to tell you what is best for you when they don’t know what is best for themselves.

You know them they run around chasing life with something new every second instead of going in to bring the best out of themselves. They take the easy way out. They love the quick fix. Its the now generation. They live life on the shore and never go into the deep because they are afraid of truly living and letting go of the past.

The Bottom Line is:
Run, and stay clear of toxic, condescending folk with no regard for the laws of the universe, integrity, karma, and your feelings.

RUN AWAY NOW, and you know who they are! And stop telling yourself we been friends for 20, 30, 40 years so what who cares, we all know people for many years and if there is no growth with all the watering, sowing, seeding and planting; uproot the seed and let it go so YOU can grow or continue to die and discuss the situation to no avail…LET IT GO IT’S FINISHED!!!

Know when the season is over. If you are the salt of the earth don’t allow them to dilute your purity with sugary substances that are poison to the you, the earth, your destiny, purpose, and your growth.

These competitively jealous individuals are just that jealous so leave them alone. You know they don’t mean you any good…stay clear before the bottom falls out, and you are caught in their whirlwind of deception falling deep into a pit you can’t talk your way out of.

Be true to self! Be you! Be Real! Be Ghost! Be Alive!

Love them, pray for them but get out before you get caught up in more meaningless conversations and nonsense.

Assuring that I am in the will of God and doing what he has for me so I fulfill destiny and show up on purpose, I am determined to assure I walk in Gods will being careful not to hurt others along the way.

It is imperative that I live a life that is excellent, thus daily I am attempting to be better than yesterday, last week, and a century ago by letting go of negative thoughts, people, places, and things that don’t mean me any good.

Living a life of excellence requires commitment to self; learning to love your own company, and discovering the beauty of self is magical, a beautiful thing, and empowering. No one person should be able to define who you are if you haven’t discovered it first because of the lack of time you have been willing to invest in self.

Its disgusting when I hear folks say I am bored with all the books in the library and 50…11 billion things to do, it truly baffles me and gives me insight of how much time they have been spending with themselves and their creator…God-very little no doubt. If you truly want to know yourself spend time with who created you and then passion arrives followed by destiny ending the journey purpose is fulfilled. Truly one must believe its more to life than your problems, you and your next hair appointment.

Perhaps spending time in the Word, writing your feelings down in a blog, an old fashion diary or a journal would rid you of your ideal mine and teach you to honor your precious time because you can’t rewind it. I am never bored! I read! I listen! I hear! I write! I research! I share! I education! I breath! I love! I laugh, and I live life on purpose!

Despite whatever is occurring in my life, I have a sense of knowing that I showed up to do some awesome things, and be better than my traumatic past thereby being more beautiful inside & out today than I was yesterday.

I desire to live a life God my ancestors and my inner-child would admire and be proud of. Not only I would be proud of and happy to wake up to a life of purpose, I desire to live in each moment smelling each colorful rose petal aligning the streets of the universe (opportunity) offering me a pure silver plater adorned with any & everything I so desire, and how I like it-but deceased relatives-that may have aborted destiny-, and my parents God bless your soul Poppa Sloan-thanks for giving me life, and my momma who encourages all that is within me because I am a piece of her.

Surrendering all to God, to the heavens, to the universe, to time, to space, to the atmosphere, to the ocean, to the life of an oak tree, to purpose, to destiny, to truth, to love, to being free, and finally to me Daphne aka Dwritewell…Exiting with passion…Scribing with purpose!…I am all that I am because of the great God and passion deep within and my true beauty exudes any exterior brick & mortar.SELAH!!!


4 responses to “Cleaning House and dumping the trash

  1. Dwritewell

    December 13, 2009 at 8:28 AM


  2. vacation rentals oregon coast

    February 3, 2011 at 5:13 AM

    Please forgive my long delay. I was traveling internationally and came home to a broken computer. Amazing how attached weve become to our machines. Thanks for your patience.

  3. Conrad Carlacci

    February 18, 2011 at 2:30 AM

    I’d have to give carte blanche with you one this subject. Which is not something I usually do! I really like reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

    • Daphne D. Williams

      April 15, 2011 at 5:08 AM

      Conrad, truly appreciate the carte blanche, I always allow people to speak their mind here on my space, I write from my heart and offer you to do the same whether you agree or disagree.


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