Abdu Dandridge on BlogTalkRadio Interviewed by 13 year old Motivated Beauty TeenPreneur on The Ingredients with Host Dwritewell

The movie Pressure is a coming of age film set in the 80’s within the womb of the “Hip-Hop” Generation where Harlem was its birthing canal offering all the added ingredients that can potentially damage or encourage a youth depending on th scope and outlook of it all, you decide by watching the trailer that will be in 6 major theatres starting in 2012.

Pressure’s Writer, Director & Producer, Abdu Dandridge owns and operates Independent Film Company called Pressure Entertainment where he truly has a Diamond of a Film in the Can. Dandrige’s passion and zeal for film making makes him a dynamic Youth Mentor & Leading Coach in Film, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, he grinds hard daily to accomplish every goal he has set for his gold mine movie, Pressure and it is sure to pay off for him along with the actors, and all of his investors.

Check the show out tonight on: Motivated Beauty Mondays Pressure The Movie July 18, 2011 Monday at 11pm EST.

PRE-RECORDED, so enjoy it:

Listen to internet radio with Dwritewell on Blog Talk Radio

Teen Co-Host, 13 year old Adia Colton, & Host Daphne Dwritewell Williams will get into the mind of dynamic Indy Writer & Film Producer, Abdu Dandridge to discover how he started and the importance of giving birth to your ideas. He will discuss how his team was able to get into 6 major theatres while creating a Radio and TV Buzz that has industry people looking to partner with him because they too want Pressure.

Not your typical synopsis, Pressure, the movie is about the harsh realities that youth endure living within low-income communities, but don’t be fooled in thinking that Abdul Dandridge’s film is your cliché hood film laced with violence because it is far from that! It is wrapped in twisted plots that will leave a mothers stomach in knots, but she along with her son’s MUST watch and discuss to live life on purpose.

First off, I will not allow Motivated Beauty Teenpreneurs to be associated with a stereotypical film, so although the movie has adult language (children curse when their parents aren’t around, so believe that), it hits home on various tribulations Teenagers face, endure and survive. Pressure is a MUST see! Why do we forget about how we acted as a teens, what we got into, and what we as latchkey children were able to endure, and how we made it over?

If someone didn’t give us the Peer Pressure chat and what we needed growing up ONLY God knows where we would be. Pressure the film will squeeze out every gift that is lying dormant within you, thus awaken the giant within you, & you’re teen while shaking you up on the realities of the world that your teens are living in.

Pressure is a film that teaches youth, and adults (who think it is cool not grow up) to mature and follow their passions, pursue their dreams and simply become who they already are by watching this film while getting out of your own way, thus applying all the lessons it delivers.

With many corners to turn, strategically and creatively, the Film Director, Abdu Dandridge doesn’t give it all away within the trail, but does wet your appetite for waiting to view Pressure  as the sequence of events opens like an intriguing page turning book that leaves you pondering the next move the actors’ life takes as he is pressured by teens, his block, life while pressing forward with his thoughts, gifts, and ideas.

Like in life often it offers a panoramic view of our trails, victorious, struggles and tribulation, we must make tough decisions to get to the core of who shall become, but we must learn to get rid of all The Pressure in our now moments in order to create significant life altering move that will never be erased because we (youth & adults) didn’t give into the Pressure of our neighborhood circumstance.

Are you ready for PRESSURE?

It Releases in Harkins Theatres on February 10, 2012:

Harkins Theatres

Cinematically, Pressure is brilliantly made! Prepare to view the film in February and be Pressured to share with all you know that can stand to live their best life yet by not giving into the Pressure this world offers us.

Pressure is making Film History as it will being released in February 10, 2012, so check the to watch the trailer, and share it with your teens, friends, and family.

Fan the Facebook page at: Pressure-Entertainment



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Happy Easter ALL!!!

“Thank God for Jesus, its personal!” Dwritewell

Happy Resurrection Sunday All.  Happy Easter.

May you be blessed in knowing that God is in charge and fully comprehend that he gives us  all FREE WILL to accomplish a thing. You MUST figure out exactly what that FREE WILL is that you MUST accomplish.

Our thoughts are physical, hence they become what we think they should be that being said mind your thoughts and the words you give life to. Truly, we are in control of our legacy, so go create it knowing that your living shouldn’t be in vain. Your life was meant to be much more than it is.

May you continue to get off the benches of life, and get your head back in the game, while PLAYING to WIN!

It is God’s will that we live well, be blessed, and love with an Agape (Godly kind of Love), while helping one another get to the destination God has prepared for us. First things first, we must learn to get out of our own way.

Hanácké kraslice, a traditional way of decorat...
“Easter is not about eggs & shopping, but it is a HOLY TIME!” Daphne D. Williams

For me Easter is special. Easter isn’t about eggs although those pictured are beautiful, nor is it about chocolate treats or bunnies, but about Jesus Christ who was murder and tortured on the Cross for my sins. It is a personal thing, and that is what keeps me grounded as well as focused when everything around me seems broken or blocked.

Having a personal relationship with God while staying in direct communication with Jesus keeps me highly favored as well as blessed daily. It is a choice to walk in it, so I wear these shows comfortable, hence living my best life yet, which doesn’t consist of material items nor foolishness.

Nothing else matters if all my living is in vain, indeed I have finally digested that ONLY WHAT YOU DO FOR CHRIST WILL LAST, so I commit to being still, hearing, listening, and following through on the directions of the Holy Spirit, so my life isn’t like a hamster in a wheel anymore, thus spinning out of control. No longer willing to chase my tail like a dog, but rather utilizing keen discernment, and on target for the bullseye.

Whatever traditions you and your loved ones do this day despite what your Religious beliefs are, love one another, be kind, enjoy your life, and treat people well while first putting the oxygen on yourself, so you can become what God destined you to be. Keep in mind this road isn’t easy, but it is so worth it. Stay encouraged, and humble as I am.

Always thinking what more can I do to be a better human being, I vow if I am blessed to be alive, next year, I will make my Holy week a lot more Holy by practicing it daily, so it is a lifestyle oppose to tradition. No one person will need a memo on your determination to be your best. Your lifestyle will show up in all you do, so I encourage you now to accept The Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and discover what this walk is like then come join me in living at PEACE, finally.

Happy Resurrection Sunday (tomorrow~ ;0) & Happy Easter too, enjoy it!!!



Daphne Dwritewell Williams is a Creative Writer that Brands to Market with passion to learn, teach, lead and continue soaking up all the information to effectively build her Online Writing, Marketing and Branding Empire to “Write her Wrongs” one verb wrapped around nouns, thus changing its sound one post at a time.

If you are interested in hiring Dwritewell to Write your Brand, then show you how to Market it at low cost, simply contact her at She is that resourceful InfoPreneur that is passionate about Ownership. Recently, she started MotivatedBeautyAcademy to implement strategies for youth to Be EMPOWEREDStay INSPIRED,while BECOMING WHO THEY ALREADY ARE!™

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Loving Yourself First Everyday Through Motivating Yourself Beautiful

Loving Yourself First

Loving Yourself First Everyday™

All the Loving Yourself First Everyday™ (Owned & Founded by Tajuana Hysaw)Followers, & Readers, I wish to encourage you all and thank you for connecting with Motivated Beauty Virtual Teen Magazine too via Facebook.

May you find your worth, cherish it, by being Motivated Beautiful to get Empowered, Stay Inspired and Become who you already are™ (Founded by Daphne D. Williams) from 2011, and beyond.

It comes a time in our lives where we must begin to respect ourselves-our gifts, ideas, purpose, passions, and present to get the promise. Be careful the way we treat, and value others as well as ourselves.

Recently, I was chatting with a good friend, and I told her I have been in a state of BLAH; truly not knowing why & not knowing what the BLAH means or even why I am there, but I am determined to be lifted out (if I have to MOTIVATE myself out) of anything that deems to destroy, set me back or tempt me to go to familiar place where nothingness occurs; but lack, depression, and waste.

Motivated Beauty~Virtual Teen Magazine

Motivated Beauty Academy

If you have found yourself in a state of BLAH, pull yourself up, run for the hills while you seem to still be in your valleys embrace them, and use them as you’re launching pads.

Remember that although the valleys are long, and deep, the mountain is in eyesight even if you must squint to see them, your persistence, and commitment to excellent will pay off soon enough (prayerfully sooner than later), therefore getting out by any means necessary is critical to your survival and mission!

Facebook logo

Facebook™ Image via Wikipedia

You must know that you are brilliant, you have so much to offer the world, and yourself, so begin the process be Motivating yourself while offering your gifts to yourself first despite how you feel-this feeling will not matter next year, so again, I urge you to do like me hence PULL YOURSELF OUT OF IT, NOW, like me you probably have no choice but to do just that!


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Response to a Christian Teen Saying she needed to spend time with a Minister a Real one at that lol

Facebook profile shown in 2007.

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I agree with you on the God 1 too but people are put in your life for a season and often when u get to caught in those persons be it Ministry, family, or friend they can hurt its human nature some things are done on purpose (not U & Minister X b/c I only know what you told me cause X has not mentioned u to me).

Often we put our trust in man and forget that the Bible clearly says that we need not make others out of gods in the sense that we always need to hear from them, get their advice or see their comments or else we feel alone b/c we fail to spend time with God.
Spend time with God & allow Him to Minister to you b/c more than likely you will get swept away in the persons anointing or their opinions of what you must and should do for your, but truth be told they fail at getting their own life in order. On the surface they seem to have it all together, but they don’t, and then when the person is tired or sick or frustrated their anointed leaves because they need pouring into and you may or may not be that person to help them to replenish. MINISTERS get drained when all you do is drain them!

Spend more time with God so people can’t so easily hurt you with what they believe is truth, and often folks hurt you b/c you never get to say your peace the friendship ends with no explanation, hence an agonizing feeling of abandonment sets in and you continue to reach out to them with no results, thereby causing yourself more pain. Look within because truly mylove everything you need is stick within you.
Being a Christian isn’t easy but when you put yourself in a position to be loved and your heart is fragile like most of our hearts then it gets hurt or damaged, but if we continued to live life hollering, complaining, and screaming (and trust me I have done my share of it all) whether on but NOT on Facebook, in person or silently, yes. Eventually, we will surely come to a breaking point and experience a turning point because they existed in our life. There resistance to your love, friendship is okay, so let it go, often you can be draining and a little overwhelming to most and don’t know it.

Furthermore, the reason God put PEOPLE here was to love us, and unfortunately they will hurt us too, so sweetie learn to guard your heart and stop giving all of you away all the time! They hurt us, and often we hurt them too without knowing. All our pain can be used to make us stronger if re-channeled properly. Our hurts and pains this world has offered us becomes our ministry, where we can be used to help someone else become who they are supposed to be, NOW.

At the end of the day we want to point blame at others, but we as Christians, we MUST get off the breast milk and get some strong meat, thereby owning the part we played whether good or bad. I barely respond to anyone ignorant Facebook cries unless it seems suicidal, which is a book that’s rated R for WordPress. Most don’t respond to my post or care for me to post on their pages because my comments are usually filled with a lot of truth, and it ain’t (yes ain’t) personal but as a Writer, I call it as I see it and people take it the wrong way; 1) I HATE DRAMA & CONFUSION, so this is my DISCLAIMER: I AM COMMENTING ON THE PAIN & FRUSTRATION & HURT (I read in your tone) because I ONCE WAS THERE WHEN I LOOKED UP TO PEOPLE AND HAD THEM ON CERTAIN LEVELS IN MINISTRY, LIFE, AND GUESS WHAT THEY HURT ME.

As a direct result, I was fragile and easily broken, so I left the church, which only stunted my growth both naturally and spiritually, so when you say you need to spend a week with a Minister this isn’t true what you need is to Minister to self and stop looking for other humans to rescue. Learn to get an open ear to Gods voice, so you NEVER have to rely on others.

Spending time alone with God by praying, seeking his face, thus hearing from Him and NOT seeking the attention of PEOPLE. It is nothing wrong with counsel, but when you are way too needy it is detrimental to your personal relationship with God. You need to get to the truth, and get to the core of why you think you need a MINISTER to order your steps.

When We in the Body of Christ, we are ministers (Not speaking of Preachers or Reverend’s) as long as we are walking in our gifts.

If we stay away from the unclean thing then we will not need to keep running back to our own dung, take what you feel you can use and leave what you can’t, but I desire to see you grow and let go of the pain and stop reaching out to someone who you say hasn’t responded to you in months. Prehaps you & Minister X’s misunderstanding was her breaking point, stop hurting you, others, and Heal-Thyself from you, and the people you allow to harm you, and then you will be FREE indeed.

This comes from a place of LOVE, so at the end of the day guess what you live in this world and if you try to shut people out it; it will back fire on you because God is love (AGAPE~Godly Love), and yeah his mind doesn’t change because he doesn’t have to deal with the human side of US & sweetie, YES PEOPLE CHANGE, we ALL DO or at least we should, it’s called GROWTH, RENEWAL and DEVELOPMENT. What Minister X & I have said more than once on Facebook, certain things and situations WE WILL NOT TOLERATE @ 40 years old, so perhaps that is her turning point.

When you consider certain people your mentors be it a MINISTER or a WRITER, SINGER, or a NEWSPAPER DELIVERY MAN, girl LIFE simply HAPPENS, and THINGS CHANGE as does its situations and hurt people hurt people but at the end of the day we are all human and often pride keeps us in bondage coupled with stagnation.

And BTW I don’t think your COMMENT is WRONG but pretty immature, so be careful how you talk and put your mouth on God’s Minister’s until you have walked in their shoes. You should never put your mouth on them & I am not just saying this because MINISTER X is my first Cousin, but because that’s Bible, and it is so out of order plus you knew I would comment, which is why you put your, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Okay, so stop professing you love the Lord one day and the next day you cussing folks out and hollering and screaming, Facebook isn’t the place for that. Buy a personal journal for that because at the end of the day, I thought we were ALL on the same team, TEAM GOD~1 Up!.


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Do you need a new Brand Identity

Do you need a new Brand Identity.

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Do you need a new Brand Identity

Do you need a new Brand Identity

Become the BRAND you want to IDENTIFY with go SUBSCRIBE to learn more about how you can LEVERAGE Social Media and begin cashing in on your EXPERTISE.

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Who is Dwritewell…About ME

Who is Dwritewell…About ME.

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Who is Dwritewell…About ME

Who is Dwritewell…About ME.

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