Centering myself by attracting what I want and where I want to go~ Daphne Dwritewell Williams 8/2009

Focus! Focus! Focus!

I’m living a life of surrender to God, so he can dream the biggest dream for me, and make them my reality. I am finally in love with myself, my world, and all my possibilities. Focusing on inner self  was placed within me at birth, which is greatness.

With God being the center of my joy, I’ll make the center of my life being the best me ever, period without excuses. Centering myself, thus spending time with self is simply an amazingly beautiful thing, and the best part is I finally figured that out. Learning to be still, and listening twice as much as I speak is the road I love traveling on. Life is a journey that I plan to ride with laughter, hope for a great future with mustard seed faith with God as my GPS system. On this road of discovery;  greatness awaits me to welcome my dreams, ideas, trademarks, patents, copyrights, written words, and my consistent love affair with me, myself, God, and I (Not in that Order) oh, yeah, and also within this beautiful world I dwell. 

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy: Book Cover

Living in this time, and space is awesome! An awesome business man, and  owner of my wellness web portal recently said when asked: How was he doing in this economy with the recession? Self-made million & CEO of Market America, JR Ridinger, says What Recession, We Choose Not to Participate because We Create Our Own Income! I love it because JR is confident in what he has because it works and the company has not only made people wealthy (Market America has created 300 Millions in the last 18 years, & not many companies can say nor prove that, and it was all through one to one marketing {WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISEMENT} & Now this Blog :)- Laughing, that is so funny, and true, I love to hear JR Ridinger speak about his success with his humble beginnings, it reassures me of where I am headed.

We choose what we want, and I want it all-all that’s good, and excellent! We must figure out how to play the game of life now so we don’t get played by the game, but win the game, and teach others on the field of life. We learn this through our language, speak what you want. If you know you are in a tight spot, and can’t afford to buy something you need simply speak it fourth, and as for me that has worked each time, but remember to pay the universe back by keeping a good thought in your heart, on your lips with inspiring words even if you are the only one listening.

I simply must learn to keep it at a reoccurring, residual, and consistent basis; speaking good words into my life. For example, I needed a small portal FlipVideo Camara, and spoke it into my life, I won it in a room full of 30,000 Entrepreneurs at my first Market America Conference. That is a simple example, but if you want it the universe will give it to you, so be ready to accept what you speak into you own situation. You speak prosperity, prosperity then finds you and vice versa for anything negative. With that said, its wise to surround yourself with good people with similar outlooks on life and the future. My life is so important, and  to paraphrase Motivational Leader, Speaker & Lover of Life, I know I showed up beating ten million sperm cells for greatness, so I shall keep a good thought along with words of encouraging despite how the  circumstances and situation looks, feels or is. I am better than any negative thing that I have survived, and I believe that deep down in the marrow of my DNA Coil!

The point of it all is that God, the Universe, and your inner-self wants you blessed, highly favored, and living in the abundance of everything you need, want, and seek. People let us not chase riches, and wealth since that will come once we do what we were designed to do. So yeah, I want money because I need it in the real world, thus I speak my wealth into my life NOW! I want great health, so it shall it be mine, and because I have decided to change my mind about harming my body with prescriptions drugs and use alternative ways to heal-THY Living by using various products, which have assisted me in avoiding spine, and knee surgery. I so love who I have become and living pain-free. If you so desire to live without physical, and emotional pain then by all means send me a message after you post your comment, I want you well, and content with life;  its your birthright!

What I desire for myself is what I want for you, which consists of a happy family, life, future, and children, so it too shall be mine! I believe it, receive it, and walk in it therefore it shall manifest as long as I keep believing, preparing for it, and be unstoppable. Until we write again, exit living my best life ever, I’ll be writing, eating well, and getting fit now & forever, while toning my mind, body, spirit, and soul. 

If you want to join me on this journey to wellness come Get Fit Now & Forever at: where we have customizable nutritional solutions to promote as well as support wellness for aches, pains, prevention, and dis-EASE (DISCLAIMER, I AM NOT A DOCTOR & DON’T DIAGNOSE ANYBODY, I SIMPLY MAKE SUGGESTIONS BASED ON MY PERSONAL HEALTH RECOVERY.) to get your temple HEAL-thy. Living well is your birthright, but you decide for yourself if you want to live heal-THY or not. Only the best despite the chooses you make, I speak goodness, peace, joy, overflow of Agape in your situation by the renewing of your mind, body, and spirit, so you will not abort your destiny, but live in it pain free thriving oppose to simply surviving.

Let us all begin living the good life now! I am on this journey daily seeking the best for me, Daphne D. Williams aka Dwritewell, attempting to be the best human-being I know, and willing to teach others what I have learned on my journey thus far.


One response to “Centering myself by attracting what I want and where I want to go~ Daphne Dwritewell Williams 8/2009

  1. Michaela Stutts

    February 18, 2011 at 2:13 AM

    This weblog seems to get a great deal of visitors. How do you promote it? It offers a nice individual spin on things. I guess having something authentic or substantial to give info on is the most important thing.


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