Damn! Damn! Damn…Get a clue DUDE

03 Feb

Damn! Damn! Damn!…why do folk take you for granted…one friend’s response was because you let them. Why do we allow them to take us for granted and drain us. What gives them the right to do it? What are we missing that we need so called friends, and/or business associates like this?

Maybe all this ain’t that serious. I know next week this won’t matter but today it does so I will write about it now while its fresh.

Do we really think its intentional or are these folk truly needy individuals and don’t know any better?  A person being needy has nothing to do with my (your) needs. Most folks are so insensitive to others needs it horrible. Why? They just are; its all they know because it may be all they were taught.  But most human beings are disrespectful, selfish and ingrates; its who they are and its what they do what they do. Karma is a true BEAST. 

When folk use me on purpose it hurts. In the past, I would just vent to others. In this season, I want to live, and be better so it is best to communicate my thoughts to the folk who have wronged me and not assume they comprehend what I am feeling. So what I am saying is confront the person but do in love but get you point across and then let it go or else agony will grow. If the person doesn’t comprehend your point of review then maybe that season is dried up and its time to move on, renew, relax, re-evaluate, and finally get busy taking care of your business. 

Like most, I am an emotional being, although most won’t admit it but they are too, attempting to wear my heart elsewhere besides my sleeve, I’m struggling with opening myself up to folk who may eventually hurt me but I refuse to change who I am because you choose to be a taker, unless of course its for improvement, but I plan on being a good human-being while being very careful not to hurt others, thereby live a great prosperous life on purpose, and teach others on my mission. 

 Often I care too much, love too hard, and get hurt even harder but who really cares about me besides me, God, my mom, my circle which really is a triangle. I am on a mission to deal with folk who are business minded on their grind comprehending that if we all collaborat with integrity we can all BUBBLE/CAKE UP together. 

Have you ever have ponder that before. But some folk are plain old selfish. Maya Angelou says “When people show you who they are believe them”,  and I add to that by saying and don’t try to change them or make excuses for them let them be who they are. 

These folk are going to lie. They are going to pretend. They are going to do them and don’t care who they hurt along the way. They are going to try to get you to counsel them for free by listening to all their bull and you listen and your day is drained. If I am that person please forgive me, I don’t pla to use you as a therapist again. Back to this needy folk…They are going to try to get you to write, give them all your hard research material for free. Is it fair no? Do they care? NO! They actual sit aroud and see how they can use you and they call it a friendship.

DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! Would you please STOP!!! A business associate told me evaluate the company you keep. Yes, best advice I got today. Last weeks advice came from my Branding Specialist( and holdmandynamics), which she said put you first and everybody elses stuff last or else you will be in the same place you were last year, last week, and/or five years ago. So now she has demanded that from me, and it is in my contract therefore I have to leave everybody alone and handle my business.

Notwithstanding, I operate my publishing and film company like a professional, and if our relationship has been good thus far then this ain’t for or about you. Unless its about business, publishing, film, all paying gigs, and business relationships that get me closer to my destiny.

I refuse to put up with nonsense. I have a short fuse for ignorance, so don’t bring it. Again, I don’t work for free, I just won’t so DON’T ASK!!!

Enough Said, Exit, Write Well, Write Now, NO MORE EXCUSES, Period!!!

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