New You, New Me, New Year, What will we do with the change?

31 Jan



Whats going on? CHANGE!!! Don’t be afraid of the change that is in the air. Change is here and it has always been here; its simply a different more welcomed changed. Congrats to my First African President, Barack  H. Obama, First Lady Michelle and the royal first children, Malia & lil Sasha, I am praying for our first family as the move on this new journey within their lives…Gods Speed to USA & Our New First Family & Congrats…may Gods wisdom lead each person on the Barck Obama Team. Change has come, and Yes We Did! I changed my mind yesterday and opted not to purchase that super size snicker bar…instead I had a minature. I decided that I will get in shape and not talk about it in this season; so lets just say I will change my dress size and be more fab than last year.

Oh yeah, I even changed my lip gloss and I get so many compliments; its a simple glitter free-me and glitter don’t get along-, however shimmer works for me; its made by Nicka K. Cosemtics and meets my budget $1.00, gloss that changes my look and brings my face out especially when my eyebrows are arched of course in Harlem is the baddest Eyebrow’nesta in NYC, she makes you feel and look glam adding an extra glam to each client as they leave her chair…I had my first birthday make over last March. Change is one of the only things we can  rely on.  How will you treat change when it shows up at your doorstep tomorrow.

Let me ask you a question, do you plan to welcome change with open arms despite the color of its garments or push it away and then miss yet another lesson in this season of your magnificient life or change the how you will handle the change. Surley, we know the wind is going to blow tomorrow, the waves will flow you must be the captain of your ship and if at times you need a time out its okay to wave the white flag and ask for help. Again, change is here be clear on how you will unwrap the gifts of the presents change delivers to you. New beginnings are here reshape your life like I am doing by closing old chapters, thus staying in my lane and listening to my innerself and doing the best I can with what I have within me. Maybe you will pen that book or finalize your business plan, start an online magazine like my marketing guru, obtain your first, second, third or fourth college degree. I decree I shall change my life, thus I’ve begun blogging…and now I’m going to make it do what it do baby…Exit , Writing Well, Write Now, PERIOD!!! 🙂

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