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Response to a Christian Teen Saying she needed to spend time with a Minister a Real one at that lol

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I agree with you on the God 1 too but people are put in your life for a season and often when u get to caught in those persons be it Ministry, family, or friend they can hurt its human nature some things are done on purpose (not U & Minister X b/c I only know what you told me cause X has not mentioned u to me).

Often we put our trust in man and forget that the Bible clearly says that we need not make others out of gods in the sense that we always need to hear from them, get their advice or see their comments or else we feel alone b/c we fail to spend time with God.
Spend time with God & allow Him to Minister to you b/c more than likely you will get swept away in the persons anointing or their opinions of what you must and should do for your, but truth be told they fail at getting their own life in order. On the surface they seem to have it all together, but they don’t, and then when the person is tired or sick or frustrated their anointed leaves because they need pouring into and you may or may not be that person to help them to replenish. MINISTERS get drained when all you do is drain them!

Spend more time with God so people can’t so easily hurt you with what they believe is truth, and often folks hurt you b/c you never get to say your peace the friendship ends with no explanation, hence an agonizing feeling of abandonment sets in and you continue to reach out to them with no results, thereby causing yourself more pain. Look within because truly mylove everything you need is stick within you.
Being a Christian isn’t easy but when you put yourself in a position to be loved and your heart is fragile like most of our hearts then it gets hurt or damaged, but if we continued to live life hollering, complaining, and screaming (and trust me I have done my share of it all) whether on but NOT on Facebook, in person or silently, yes. Eventually, we will surely come to a breaking point and experience a turning point because they existed in our life. There resistance to your love, friendship is okay, so let it go, often you can be draining and a little overwhelming to most and don’t know it.

Furthermore, the reason God put PEOPLE here was to love us, and unfortunately they will hurt us too, so sweetie learn to guard your heart and stop giving all of you away all the time! They hurt us, and often we hurt them too without knowing. All our pain can be used to make us stronger if re-channeled properly. Our hurts and pains this world has offered us becomes our ministry, where we can be used to help someone else become who they are supposed to be, NOW.

At the end of the day we want to point blame at others, but we as Christians, we MUST get off the breast milk and get some strong meat, thereby owning the part we played whether good or bad. I barely respond to anyone ignorant Facebook cries unless it seems suicidal, which is a book that’s rated R for WordPress. Most don’t respond to my post or care for me to post on their pages because my comments are usually filled with a lot of truth, and it ain’t (yes ain’t) personal but as a Writer, I call it as I see it and people take it the wrong way; 1) I HATE DRAMA & CONFUSION, so this is my DISCLAIMER: I AM COMMENTING ON THE PAIN & FRUSTRATION & HURT (I read in your tone) because I ONCE WAS THERE WHEN I LOOKED UP TO PEOPLE AND HAD THEM ON CERTAIN LEVELS IN MINISTRY, LIFE, AND GUESS WHAT THEY HURT ME.

As a direct result, I was fragile and easily broken, so I left the church, which only stunted my growth both naturally and spiritually, so when you say you need to spend a week with a Minister this isn’t true what you need is to Minister to self and stop looking for other humans to rescue. Learn to get an open ear to Gods voice, so you NEVER have to rely on others.

Spending time alone with God by praying, seeking his face, thus hearing from Him and NOT seeking the attention of PEOPLE. It is nothing wrong with counsel, but when you are way too needy it is detrimental to your personal relationship with God. You need to get to the truth, and get to the core of why you think you need a MINISTER to order your steps.

When We in the Body of Christ, we are ministers (Not speaking of Preachers or Reverend’s) as long as we are walking in our gifts.

If we stay away from the unclean thing then we will not need to keep running back to our own dung, take what you feel you can use and leave what you can’t, but I desire to see you grow and let go of the pain and stop reaching out to someone who you say hasn’t responded to you in months. Prehaps you & Minister X’s misunderstanding was her breaking point, stop hurting you, others, and Heal-Thyself from you, and the people you allow to harm you, and then you will be FREE indeed.

This comes from a place of LOVE, so at the end of the day guess what you live in this world and if you try to shut people out it; it will back fire on you because God is love (AGAPE~Godly Love), and yeah his mind doesn’t change because he doesn’t have to deal with the human side of US & sweetie, YES PEOPLE CHANGE, we ALL DO or at least we should, it’s called GROWTH, RENEWAL and DEVELOPMENT. What Minister X & I have said more than once on Facebook, certain things and situations WE WILL NOT TOLERATE @ 40 years old, so perhaps that is her turning point.

When you consider certain people your mentors be it a MINISTER or a WRITER, SINGER, or a NEWSPAPER DELIVERY MAN, girl LIFE simply HAPPENS, and THINGS CHANGE as does its situations and hurt people hurt people but at the end of the day we are all human and often pride keeps us in bondage coupled with stagnation.

And BTW I don’t think your COMMENT is WRONG but pretty immature, so be careful how you talk and put your mouth on God’s Minister’s until you have walked in their shoes. You should never put your mouth on them & I am not just saying this because MINISTER X is my first Cousin, but because that’s Bible, and it is so out of order plus you knew I would comment, which is why you put your, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Okay, so stop professing you love the Lord one day and the next day you cussing folks out and hollering and screaming, Facebook isn’t the place for that. Buy a personal journal for that because at the end of the day, I thought we were ALL on the same team, TEAM GOD~1 Up!.


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Plant good seeds of faith, hope, love and charity & obtain your harvest, NOW!~Daphne Dwritewell Williams

Daphne Williams

Daphne Williams Plant good seeds b/c UR SOIL is RICH, the HARVEST shall come. Don’t be anxious for NOTHING. Walk in Expectation, GIVE BIRTH to IT! Men U 2 can get Pregnant with purpose/hope/passion/vision simply P.U.S.H PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS then read the B.I.B.L.E when U seem a little lost, B/C surely it is THE BASIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING EARTH & HAVE NO F.E.A.R BECAUSE its FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL!!!

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