MUSIC REVIEW: Alica Keys’ songs in A minor The Debut of A Star Previously Published (2001) in The Black Reign Communtiy Newspaper~Written by Daphne D. Williams

31 Mar

See full size image BROOKLYN, NY~ Alicia Keys’ voice is so well-developed as is her pianist skills. Her début album songs in A minor is so powerful and different. Like a harp, Alicia Keys’ sound pulls the strings of your heart and strokes the music lover in you. She is obviously married to her dream and that piano on the back of her CD. The pulsating, pounding, elevating rhythmic beats captivates your mind and makes you dream again. To say she is talented is such an understatement, so I dare not.

On the first track, Piano and I, Keys is modestly surprised as she realizes she has made it, the lyrics are so inspirational and the piano keys are stimulating. The words and beat tantalizing every gift inside and motivates you to dream and fulfill those dreams. Her voice is raspy, sultry, sexy and appealing. She has an old soul.

See full size image

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Her pitch, range and vocal ability is astronomically tremendous. Her musical skills are a comforting touch that hits you hard with sounds that ignites the young passionate lover in you. Her zealous lyrics touches your heart in a ghetto love type of way, which can be seen & felt in her Fallen video.

Alicia Keys, as an entertainer, musician and singer, can be compared to Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis. Her style is jazz meets souls meets funk, with a touch of hip-hop meets the neo-soul rhythm and blues sound. The key to musical success is brilliance, therefore Alicia Keys sound will be heard for decades.


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