Regretting this question: What will your IGNORANT FACEBOOK Post Read Tomorrow? SMH (Shaking My Head)

26 Feb

  Some of the posts on Facebook are simply horrible, and the worst part is when you share the same DNA with the ignorant poster. Be careful Facebooker’s BIG BROTHER is watching,  so is BIG MOMMA & Daddy too, your employer, and potential employers.

I pray that your spelling on State Examinations (College Essays) aren’t as ignorant  as your ranting on your page. I deleted so many people in the last couple of weeks, and hide the rest.

FYI: “Just  because you are an adult does mean you need to show your ignorance in such a public forum. Teenagers (who faked their age to get online), simply because its your page doesn’t mean you have to act your shoe size.”

Are schools still teaching phonics because when these ignorant Facebooker’s aren’t breaking verbs, cussing out their momma’s for asking them to get off of Facebook to study they’re dropping the F Bomb like they are in a war within the school ‘elementary’ yard, and spinning nouns on its shoulder blades scraping compound words into phrases because they are lazy!

These Facebooker’s are inventing a new vocabulary worst than anything I have ever heard, and trust me you will not want your newborn reciting their ABC’s. 

Perhaps their lingo should be called lack of phonics or IG-NOR-ONICS. Okay don’t get me wrong, along with my mom, I know a little Internet short cuts, and slang with texting (the short-hand of send a message) lingo craze, but I am afraid if I begin to write this way (shortening the english language for IG-NOR-ONICS), I will then have allowed technology to dumb me down, and then be forced to share a cubicle with paper cuts at a deadend job too, and/or perhaps at the window saying how may I take your order simply to make end meet. NOT HERE, NOT EVER, Unlike you I create my own options and chatting on Facebook with you isn’t one of them nor being subjected to annoying rants, outburst, so you have been deleted, and don’t call asking me why!!! 


Although as a teen, I never worked for fast food restaurant’s. If you need a job, fast food places are cool-it all depends on you, and your community, and the outreach youth leaders therein-, but I believe you don’t, and should never settle to work at fast food spots if you don’t have  to. As you may or may not know if you continue to post ignorance on “Social Networking Sites”; fast food jobs may not be available to you either in your future. Be ever so careful of what you post on these sites since it can come back to bite. What future are you carving out for yourselves if all you do with your precious time is rant and rave about nothing on facebook. Complaining about your job will eventually lead to you being unemployed either because of the negative energy you put out in Cyber-land or because your boss was your Facebook friend. Be reminded that once it is out there it is on a blog, and/or website forever! 

Some people are online going crazy over celebrities, I have my favorites, but let us all be real. Some rappers have some of the dumbest lyrics ever created. Most of  the songs are cool but come on must you post the entire backwards song that speaks of your downfall (and disrespecting Jesus) if you don’t become like the rapper you are holding in high esteem. At some point you might need to get a life! Whatever happened to football in the snow, shooting the breeze, the dozens/ranking, a board game, and a good old fashion teenage fun. Okay perhaps you are online gaming, so create a new game as an application developer; leverage your time, and online experience by getting paid to be online, shop, and share I am just saying DUDE!

Seriously speaking are you ever planning on contributing something good and well worth speaking about when the social networking sites are all networked out. Consider posting something that ignites the brain to think and reproduce something creative that will never depreciate.

Often it may hurt hard, but try to think twice before posting the first DUH moment/blurbs that come to mind. You are only using a small percentage of your brain, and you wonder why you are always bored, fatigued, and hungry.

 You are nutritionally depriving your brain; it’s a muscle that works better when you use it properly, and positively. You are constantly bored because you haven’t put anything good or inspirational into you cortex but garbage so I guess this  answers my first question of  your next post. Guess I can expect more trash from your garbage disposal like brain. Time for another page sweep, delete, delete, delete, hide YOU!

Trust me in a couple of years the things that matter now won’t later, but to your employer it just might, because most employers don’t tolerate ignorance in others only in themselves…lmbo (Laughing My Butt OFF)



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3 responses to “Regretting this question: What will your IGNORANT FACEBOOK Post Read Tomorrow? SMH (Shaking My Head)

  1. Alex Ramos

    February 26, 2010 at 7:47 AM

    Hi Daphne. 🙂 well I so agree with you. I’m a 38 year old male and only have eighth grade education but that doesn’t stop me from trying to be the most inteligent I can be. I can’t stand ignorance in any shape or form. Like our children speaking like rappers or abreviating evrything they say. Or just not giveing your best at anything we do. I’m so glad you posted this blog cause I’ve been feeling agitated with some of the things I’ve read on facebook, but not so much what I have read, but from the peaple that used their immature little brains to write the things they write. In writeing, humanbeings constantly think before printing anything and when we talk at times we say things unconsciously.what I’m saying is that when we write or post and comment we are inconstant thought and that it kills me to read or hear our community say and sound so dumb. I beleive the blame is not our children but the people they look upto. Children haveing children / lack of education the fact that our children don’t have community centers to grow and learn a thing or two of being well mannerd and being role models to our youth. Many kids know me and allso know that I don’t play with ignorance or the wannabe” stuff. It’s deeper than a comment on facebook or a dumb blog. It’s with the person within and their frame of mind. I’m not the smartest but I’m far from being ignorant.. [ thank you Daphne for helping me exhale. Ignorance really irks me.

  2. George

    February 26, 2010 at 1:12 PM

    I liked your blog post about diet. I will check it out again when I get the chance. 🙂

    • Dwritewell

      February 28, 2010 at 3:39 AM

      Thanks so much! I like blogging. How did you find my blog? Looking forward to creating more blog post for all to come back and enjoy. I check out your site too. I have been reading out about acid and have an akaline body. Chat soon.


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